Extended Warranty

Our new Extended Warranty is all about complete peace-of-mind

We are committed to offering a worry-free ownership experience to customers. The new ‘Extended Warranty – Silver Protection Package’ offers you the option of extending your warranty to the third year so that all risks are transferred to us. This warranty plan comes with a Powertrain coverage on the repair and parts replacement costs of engine, transmission, propeller shaft, differential gear, etc.

A comparison of our extended warranty packages during the third year:

Activating the plan is simple and easy, all you have to do is to have your car serviced by us and renew your vehicle insurance with us, and you will be granted complimentary ‘Silver Protection Package’ at the third year.

If you would like a more comprehensive protection, upgrade from the ‘Silver Protection Package’ to ‘Platinum Protection Package’, it is starting from $2,480. Alternatively, you may consider purchase it directly, price is starting from $4,980. Keeping your vehicle well-protected and serviced will help retain its high value in the resale market.

Cost of upgrading from ‘Silver Protection Package’ to ‘Platinum Protection Package’:

Act now and opt for the Platinum or Silver Protection Package. Call 2504 6140 or WhatsApp 6278 1166 for more information.
*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to final contract.