E-Class Saloon


Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive

Protected all-round.

Supports, relieves, protects. Comfort and safety take on new dimensions in the E-Class thanks to new and enhanced assistance systems, together with PRE-SAFE® 360°.



Future mobility now.

The new E-Class can drive using swarm information to move at speeds of up to 130 km/h with its distance to other vehicles and its steering automatically controlled, even on roads without lane markings.



Safety: more than standard.

PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side (optional) gives occupants an impulse towards the centre of the vehicle in the event of a severe side impact. PRE-SAFE® Sound can prepare occupants' hearing for the sound caused by an accident in the event of danger situations.


Interior design

Room for luxury.

Work, savour, communicate: a life of modern luxury behind the wheel. With touch controls on the steering wheel and a touchpad with Controller in the centre console, you will control all the vehicle functions intuitively.

Facts & Figures

Note: Some models / features may not be available for the Hong Kong market.