Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair


Combat the minor traces of everyday wear

There is damage that often hurts us more than the vehicle itself: small blemishes on the exterior and in the interior which simply cannot be avoided over the course of the vehicle’s life. In many cases such damage can be fixed with very little fuss – and without replacing entire parts. With Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair we offer you the opportunity to quickly eliminate smaller dents in the sheet metal panel, cracks in the windscreen or damage to the bumper quickly and, above all, at an attractive price. And of course you get the usual certified high quality of Mercedes-Benz.


Fixing instead of replacing

Even a tiny stone can wreak havoc on your windscreen – and suddenly you don’t have a safe view of the road. But Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair can restore your clear visibility. And in many cases the windscreen does not even have to be replaced.Our innovative glass repair quickly and permanently eliminates minor glass damage and is affordable for you. Ultimately nothing should detract from your driving pleasure.


Simple, not complex

A small dent can occur quickly – and thanks to Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair can also be eliminated promptly. Many dents which leave the paintwork unscathed can be easily smoothed out again. The dent cannot have any sharp edges and must be accessible from inside. Our body and paintwork specialists would be happy to advise you on an individual basis.


Small area instead of large

For a small scratch in the bumper for example Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair does not repaint the entire component but instead just the damaged spot itself. Here’s where our exact-to-the-point painting process comes into play, so that small chips in the paint do not have to be a big deal.


Eliminating instead of replacing

Minor scratches and dents in the painted aluminium rims? No problem. 
Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair brings the old shine back and provides you with a low-cost and fast alternative to replacing the rim.


Changing it instead of putting up with it

Minor blemishes in your seat leather or upholstery can be fixed 
very easily with Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair. Thanks to our alternative repair methods you will soon be rid of any smaller tears, holes and scratches.