Agility Special Promotion.

Start your journey now.

Drive away in your new Mercedes by just paying attractive monthly installments and the freedom to exercise your 3 options to upgrade; purchase or return the car upon contract end.

Agility is designed to give you the financial freedom to enjoy other aspects of your life, with monthly installments at least 1/3 lower than your standard Hire Purchase or Finance Lease contracts.

With our Guaranteed Future Value, you can now own the latest Mercedes-Benz with exceptional flexibility and complete peace of mind.

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Guaranteed future value gives you financial security.

At the start of your Agility contract, Mercedes-Benz secures the future value of the vehicle, protecting you from any risk of depreciation. The Guaranteed Future Value, which equals to the remaining balance due upon contract end, can be fully realized when you choose to return or trade-in your vehicle to settle the remaining balance.

“Agility Fair Wear & Tear agreement” will only apply if you choose to return or trade-in your vehicle to settle the remaining balance. Such terms will not apply if you choose to settle by other means (e.g. one-off payment, re-finance or resell) .

Complete flexibility puts you in charge.

And when your Agility contract comes to an end, you have the complete power to exercise your 3 options:

1. Upgrade your Mercedes-Benz to the latest model with same attractive monthly instalments
2. Purchase your Mercedes-Benz vehicle at the stipulated Guaranteed Future Value
3. Return your car, subjected to Fair Wear & Tear Schedule and annual mileage allowance

With Agility on your side, the full prestige of the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle can be yours now, with low monthly installments, with no uncertainty and a brand new vehicle every few years.

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